Company History

Old Office
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Newing-Hall’s Beginning. Taylor Hobson Assets Purchased

While in England, Derek Ingham, Trevor Newton, and Wilf Hall purchased the assets of the Taylor Hobson line, a line dating back over a hundred years ago. The three continued the line and produced large manual engraving machines under the name Newing-Hall, Ltd.

Early 80s. Domiteaux and Pantograph Corporation of America

In the early 1980s, Jack Domiteaux created an engraving materials distribution company, Domiteaux Inc. After Jack passed a few years later, an investment group by the name of Pantograph Corporation of America (PCA) purchased Domiteaux.

1988. PCA and Newing-Hall, Ltd., Become One

In 1988, PCA was purchased by Newing-Hall, Ltd., and became Newing-Hall, Inc.

2000. Todd Austin Acquires Newing-Hall, Inc.

In 2000, Todd Austin purchased Newing-Hall, Inc., from Derek Ingham and Trevor Newton.

Late 00s. Newing-Halls Big Move

After acquiring Newing-Hall, Inc., Todd relocated the businesses from its downtown Toledo location to their current facility located in Haskins, Ohio.

Newing-Hall Today. Manufacturing Top of the Line Engraving Machines

With roots that go back over 100 years, Newing-Hall, Inc. continues to manufacture top of the line engraving machines used in various industrial facilities, signage/award and personalization businesses.