HP5 Controller with Local and Remote Control

The HP5 Controller from Newing-Hall Inc., allows you to control production without making a trip back to the design station. With manual dwell and feed overrides, you can be sure that your production is at peak performance. The HP5 includes a number of features including a full color integral menu with LED screen. Programmable home positions and automated firmware updates make this controller an amazing addition to product manufacturing and engraving.

HP5 Controller


  • 3 Axis Option
  • Feed Rate: 4 in/sec
  • Drive Output: 4 amps
  • Full Color Integral Menu w/ LED Screen
  • Automated Firmware Updates
  • Optional: 4th Axis Control
  • Indexing Capability
  • Programmable Spindle Offset
  • Programmable Preset Home Positions
  • Controlled Z Axis
  • Engraving Time & Repetition Display
  • Back-up & Skip
  • Local & Remote Direct Numeric Control
  • Manual Dwell & Feed Override

Is Your Machine Compatible with the HP5 Controller?